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Homemade vegetable stock

For me, cooking always makes the house smell wonderful and "homey." There are few things I love more than making big batch recipes, tackling a culinary project like making homemade pasta, or baking something special on the weekend.

Making homemade stock is a tradition I love around Thanksgiving, when I make stock from leftover turkey bones plus aromatics (different vegetables and herbs) in an attempt to use every part of the turkey after our family meal is finished, freezing a few quarts to use later in the winter for warming, flavorful soups. I just let it simmer as I cook other things, do chores, or other activities around the house and it turns into a golden, flavorful liquid.

Homemade stock is definitely like a culinary perfume for the house and really useful to have, at any time. It is a relaxing cooking project for any time of the year, like on a lazy Sunday morning or afternoon in the middle of winter.

Stock is a basic recipe that every homecook should know, and there are a few ways that it can be done.

Everything Bagel Seasoning

Everything spice, also called everything bagel seasoning or everything bagel blend, has become a trendy ingredient over the last few years. "Everything" is everywhere: in dressings and sauces, in chips and crackers, as a topping for and stirred into just about anything.

I don't know why it collectively took us so long to realize that this spice blend is good, well, on everything, not only as a bagel topping, but I'm glad we did. You can also purchase everything bagel seasoning from your local grocery store or from a specialty spice shop, such as Savory Spice, which has a website as well as stores across the U.S, but it is very easy to make.

Continue reading for the ingredients of my preferred everything bagel seasoning blend!

Use it up! Chipotle in adobo sauce

I always have at least one, if not multiple, cans of chipotle in adobo in my pantry. I use it in my chili, both the adobo sauce and the whole peppers, which I just add whole or slightly mash, and they end up cooking down nicely. After, I am sometimes left with half a can that I don't know what to do with.

If this sounds familiar, whatever you do, don't throw it away! Continue reading for a few quick ideas to use, now and later.

Bananas Foster for Two

No judgment here if you want to have your dessert for breakfast or brunch, or your breakfast or brunch for dessert. This is a fast, homemade, sweet dish for your Valentine to make tomorrow or this week. Serve this classic sauce (or is it a topping? or maybe it's a saucy topping...?) warm over waffles, crêpes, or ice cream.

Jump ahead to the recipe at the end if you wish, but first, I have to talk about crêpes. This was how we made and served bananas foster recently and I highly suggest trying it.