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Homemade vegetable stock

For me, cooking always makes the house smell wonderful and "homey." There are few things I love more than making big batch recipes, tackling a culinary project like making homemade pasta, or baking something special on the weekend.

Making homemade stock is a tradition I love around Thanksgiving, when I make stock from leftover turkey bones plus aromatics (different vegetables and herbs) in an attempt to use every part of the turkey after our family meal is finished, freezing a few quarts to use later in the winter for warming, flavorful soups. I just let it simmer as I cook other things, do chores, or other activities around the house and it turns into a golden, flavorful liquid.

Homemade stock is definitely like a culinary perfume for the house and really useful to have, at any time. It is a relaxing cooking project for any time of the year, like on a lazy Sunday morning or afternoon in the middle of winter.

Stock is a basic recipe that every homecook should know, and there are a few ways that it can be done.