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Raw-curious: Essential tools to start your raw food journey


This installment of my raw food series discusses some of the tools you might want to make your raw food prep a breeze. In case you missed it, read some reasons why you might try a raw food diet and learn about the whos-who of raw food. As a reminder, I'm not a dietician or medical professional, so please consult with your doctors before changing your eating habits or starting any new diets. Also, this is not a sponsored post or endorsement made in coordination with or paid by any of the brands or individuals mentioned here. 

There is a lot to be said for having a really good set of knives. A good-quality 3-4" paring knife, a 8-10" chef's or Santoku knife, and a 10" serrated knife are three must-haves to get started no matter what you're cooking. When it comes to raw foods, though, there are a few other tools that can make meal prep an easier, more enjoyable process. You may even have a few of these gadgets in your home already.

The 3 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Meal Prepping


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Earlier this week, I offered tips for how to make the process of meal prepping more enjoyable. My meal prep wouldn’t be successful if not for a few key supplies that are versatile and inexpensive enough to be in everyone's kitchen.

For a small investment in just three tools, you'll be able to neatly weigh, pack, and organize your food for stress-free eating when your schedule gets busy. Here's what they are.

The 3 Key Things You Need to Know About Meal Prepping


Want to see more posts from Meal Prep Week? Search for #MealPrepWeek or see a recap of all of the posts here.

A year ago I took on a project that had me waking up early and commuting back-and-forth to Philly for work each day. On most days, I didn't mind the drive; it was a nice change in routine that gave me plenty of time to catch up on a few podcasts as well as episodes of Howard Stern.

Re-establishing good habits, like taking time on the weekends to plan meals and outfits for the upcoming week, made my life a lot easier. One of my biggest challenges— the scramble to figure out what to put together for dinner at the end of the day, or saying screw it and stopping to eat at a restaurant on the way home—was eliminated, thanks to advance meal prep and big-batch cooking on the weekends.

There are a lot of meal prep resources and recipes available out there, but the three best tips that I can offer—tried, tested, and successful—are these.