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On Pinterest: A Cold Glass of Iced Tea

Today is National Iced Tea day! Some of my favorite summer memories from when I was a kid included spending time over my grandparent’s house, swimming in the pool, and BBQ’s and drinking my aunt’s homemade sun tea.

Cool down with these iced tea recipes curated from Pinterest and check out these links to find places offering free iced tea today.

Stir-up the Perfect Glass—I usually like to brew my tea strong, but others in my family prefer it on the lighter side. For that reason, I love the idea of an iced tea concentrate. See how to make it in this pin from Budget101’s Pinterest page.

Customize Your Tea at Starbucks—the next time you walk in to Starbucks for your afternoon pick-me-up, check out its whole board dedicated to fun ways to customize your tea order. I love the idea of this mango-coconut iced tea; they are two perfect flavors for summer. Definitely on my list of things to try.

Flowery iced cubes—while technically not an iced tea recipe, this is an easy way to make a regular glass of iced tea a little special using mixed, edible flowers. I have round ice cube molds, about 3-4″ in diameter, that would be pretty to add to big pitchers of tea and other drinks for a party.

Leave a comment and let me know your favorite iced tea flavor or way to make iced tea!

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