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On Pinterest: “BYOL” (Bring Your Own Lunch)

We’ve all carried a lunch box at least once in our lifetime. Maybe for some of us, though, the last time we likely got into the routine of bringing a lunch from home dated back to grade school.

Taking lunch to work for me has been hit-or-miss. Sometimes I remember, and other times my lunch ends up forgotten in the fridge or on the kitchen counter as I’m rushing out the door. Some of these ideas, though, just may inspire me to plan ahead to bring lunch more often.

See ideas for easy lunches to make, pack, and take to work curated from Pinterest.

Copycat Starbucks Protein Bistro Box — I am so glad I found this one, originally posted by CassandraMullen on Youtube. This Starbucks box is one of my favorites. I always figured that it would be super easy and probably inexpensive to make, so this is now definitely on my list of things to try.

Bento Box 101 — Being a grazer who likes to snack on little portions of man different things, the idea of bento boxes is so fun and exciting to me. This is a helpful little guide from Today’s Parent on Pinterest, essentially a blue print for how to create a simple bento that perfectly covers all of the major food groups — protein, veggies, fruits, and carbs. Be sure to add a little something sweet for good measure, too, like a square of chocolate. (Everyone can use a little chocolate fix, right? 😉

Nutella-Banana Dessert “Sushi” — What a great idea for a quick snack from Kidspot on Pinterest. Not sure about you, but I love Nutella so I consider this totally kid- and adult-appropriate. When the work week is over, this would also be fun served as desserts at a party, maybe with different kinds of dessert “sushi” on a big platter.

Mason Jar Meals — Fact: Layered mason jar salads will give your colleagues total lunch envy. They look pretty, are healthy, and taste good. Why stop at just salads, though? I often make ramen noodles by adding cold pre-cooked noodles, raw veggies, a vegetable bouillon cube, a few squirts of Sriracha, cilantro, and scallions in a mason jar. When I get to work, all I do is add hot water, let sit for a few minutes so the bouillon can dissolve, then stir and eat. I make a bunch of these jars up in advance and keep them in my fridge; they last for at least a week, sometimes two depending on how fresh everything was when I packed it and whether or not I put anything super-perishable in there, like avocado (I generally skip it and stick with more “durable” ingredients that won’t brown or spoil.)

Leave a comment and let me know your favorite way to pack your lunch for work or school!

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