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March 2020 Update – Finding an opportunity to reflect in difficult times

This post will be a deviation from the normal content that I typically have here, but I hope you don’t mind given the circumstances?

If you’ve followed any type of news recently, you know that we now find ourselves faced with a very serious global health crisis.

If you asked me a year ago, even a month ago, if this is how I would’ve imagined the year 2020 starting out, I would’ve looked at you like you had 8 heads and you were talking about a plot line from a new episode of The Walking Dead or a movie that I have yet to see.

No matter how you see this playing out or believe the media, our politicians, or any others are helping address (or not) the situation, it’s clear that this is far from business as usual.

  • You’ve likely received 100 emails, at minimum, from your favorite stores and other places of business outlining the precautions that they are taking to keep their employees and patrons safe. (I counted mine… I was up to 78 as of Wednesday…)
  • “White collar” workers, like me, were either given a choice or a mandate to work from home this week and for the coming weeks, until further notice.
  • Schools, retail, restaurants and other public establishments are dismissing employees, rotating shifts, limiting hours or closing their doors temporarily, preventing or limiting the public’s contact with one another and with staff members, and switching to digital means of delivering information. Any group gatherings were cancelled or postponed until later in the year, now non-essential businesses are being mandated to close in many states in the US and countries in the world.
  • And there are groups of people who are still on the front lines due to their essential roles as emergency services workers and doctors and nurses, among others who help keep the world running safe, healthy, and sound.

Regardless of your occupation or where you are in the world right now, all of us are feeling some disruption to our daily lives. All of us have some anxiety and concerns about how long this will continue and when things will normalize again. And all of us are coping with the uncertainties and will deal with the aftermath of this global pandemic.

Spring, for example, was recently on my mind. I was thinking of all of the farmers markets that would open soon, with the last of the winter veggies alongside of fresh, in-season ingredients like peas, radishes, and tender greenhouse-grown lettuces. Spring still is right around the corner, and I’m still mindful of the fact that this too shall pass. And when it does, I think we’ll all enjoy it more and take it as an opportunity to live in the moment and, literally, have our time in the sun again.

I wish all of you the best in this time and remind you to please remember the basics like washing your hands not just now, but every day, multiple times a day, as part of good health habits. Please take limiting your contact to large groups of people seriously; at least in the U.S., it will take time until testing can ramp up and the effects of sheltering in place can start to have an impact. Globally, of course, our healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are still looking for more effective means of limiting or preventing future outbreak through existing or novel treatments, like vaccines, which won’t be available overnight.

It is a good time to take a moment to slow down, reflect and relax as and when you are able to. As crazy as this may sound to you if you are catching up on some good TV series and movies, a “light” digital detox wouldn’t hurt, even if for a few hours a day or a day a week.

Take time to learn a new hobby, read a book, or brush up on cooking or baking. My recipe archive is here for you to browse, if you are in the mood to try a new recipe. I have “pantry raid” recipes posted if you are up to putting your creativity to work with what you have on-hand right now. These recipes feature staples like pasta, tomatoes, and other easy-to-find ingredients you likely have if you are unable to get out to the store to stock your fridge with fresh produce or other groceries as often as you would like to right now.

Even if you don’t see something you’re looking to make and have a question on how to make it, ask me! I’ve tried a lot of recipes, cooked and baked a lot in my life, so I would love to answer any of your questions or point you in the direction of something great to cook. Leave a comment here, message me on Twitter, or send me a note.