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Happy Thanksgiving

With the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday today, and other holidays following in swift order over the coming weeks, this season will be undeniably different for many families this year. Tables may be emptier. Friends and families connecting virtually instead of in person.

There are no words that I could put here that would be any different from what has already been said about how difficult of a year this has been for countless people. Most of us can probably agree that a sense of “normalcy” can’t return soon enough—and who’s to know what “normal” will even look like in the near future?

Thanksgiving, and the holidays in general, can be a time for many tangible things including food, gifts and gathering, but also for reflection. I’m reminded each day that the date turning over on a calendar—going from December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021—won’t cause all of our problems to vanish, but taking a moment to reflect on what we do have and what is important, here and now, is critical.

Whatever your celebration looks like this season, I hope that it’s wonderful and that you can adapt in whatever ways work for you and your loved ones this year but still with plenty of good cheer to go around.

Have a wonderful day and holiday weekend.

Warm regards,