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Foodie Resolutions for 2016

Verdict for 2016: 2 of 5 completed.

Read the original post and 2015 recap on You can also read the mid-year update or read the year-end outcome.

Make homemade ravioli or pasta—Failed!—I carried over and modified this goal from last year. I also want to try using different types of flour to see how the noodles might turn out (e.g., buckwheat flour, which is what soba noodles are made of.)

Pressure can something—Failed!—The world of low acid canned foods is scary, since it seems like a lot more can go wrong, but this is going to be the year to take the plunge. The goal is to start out with something simple-ish from The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, like vegetable broth, and graduate to canned vegetables.

Make aioli or mayonnaise—Done!—Embarrassingly, yet another thing that I’ve never tried to make. I understand it is ridiculously easy to do with a food processor (or by hand with a whisk, if you have the stamina or the “guns” to do it) aside from the little quirk of not adding the oil too fast so the emulsion doesn’t break. I don’t have any recipes in mind right now, but garlic is a classic flavor. Of course, if I’m going to make aioli, I’ll have to have a fry session at the same time. Hello, Belgian frites.

Make wine—Failed!—I’ve made beer quite a few times now, but never wine. While looking around the homebrew store during one of my last trips there, I lingered near the wine kits and additives and thought this would definitely be another one to add to the list.

Make homemade kombuchaDone!—I have become obsessed with kombucha since trying it again earlier this year. Unfortunately, at $2.99 a bottle at Wegmans for the one brand that I like, the obsession has added up over time. I did some initial research on kombucha homebrew kits to see how hard the process would be. As it turns out, it seems pretty easy — and much like making beer.