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Foodie Resolutions 2016: The Outcome

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.

Once again, now is about the time of year to do some reflecting. And for the second year in a row, I am reflecting back on partially-completed foodie goals. Womp, womp. Life got in the way.

The bright side: I posted a foodie resolutions mid-year update back in June, at which point nothing was accomplished. I’m happy to report that something, even if it wasn’t all of my goals, was accomplished in the remaining 6 months of the year.

My final verdict for 2016 is 2 for 5 goals completed. Here’s what they were.

  1. Make homemade ravioli or pastaNot Started. This one just never happened, but I did have the opportunity to make and can homemade marinara in September. That means when I do finally get around to making some pasta, I’ll have the sauce to go with it! 😉
  2. Pressure can somethingNot Started. I mentioned that I hit a roadblock with this one; the pressure canner that was given to me needs a replacement gasket. It’s old so I never had the opportunity to find a replacement one on eBay and, truthfully, am not holding out much hope.
  3. Make aioli or mayonnaiseCompleted. I made a lemon aioli over the summer that came out iffy, partially due to the oil that I used. I tried to make it taste better by adding some Sriracha sauce and didn’t totally succeed in that, either. The process itself was easy enough so I’ll definitely try again in the future.
  4. Make wineNot Started. Never got the supplies or ingredients to do this.
  5. Make homemade kombuchaCompleted. This one was quick and easy, thanks to a kit that I bought from Kombucha Brooklyn. The process was easy and I had kombucha made in a matter of a week or two. Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t bottled in time and, while still drinkable, definitely started to take on a sourish and less carbonated flavor than I would have liked. My SCOBY is happily chilling in my fridge, though, so it should be fine for my next attempt, hopefully soon.