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Happy Thanksgiving


With the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday today, and other holidays following in swift order over the coming weeks, this season will be undeniably different for many families this year. Tables may be emptier. Friends and families connecting virtually instead of in person… There are no words that I could put here…

Foodie Resolutions: A five-year recap


I came across an article on MSN Food & Drink in January 2015 that outlined new things that foodies should try in the new year.

The article (now accessible via PopSugar) really inspired me over the years to make and tackle some of my own "foodie resolutions" as well as see how many I could cross off from this list. Today, I'm revisiting some of them, five years later, as a recap of what I've accomplished.

May 2018 Update


Well. It has been an interesting start to the year.

I've been on the fence about how much "personal" content to post here, ever since I started this blog over a year ago. Not that I don't want my posts to be personal—certainly, I'm not a robot, and don't want to sound like one—but topic-wise, I've largely gotten away from daily journal, day-to-day posting that I did in the past on my blogs to focus exclusively on food topics here.

I think everyone will excuse me for this particular deviation, though...

Happy Holidays!


No posts for the next couple of days, but just a quick note to send you my best wishes a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for stopping by or checking out @fromannakitchen on Twitter this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed my recipes and tips. I’d also be remiss if I…