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Vegetarian Shepherds Pie


Vegetarian shepherds pie was a staple dinner for me all of those years that I was following a stricter ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. Especially when I was in college, I could make this recipe on a weekend and have it several times as leftovers for dinner when I got home from…

Cheesy Greens Gratin


One of my all-time favorite vegetable recipes has to be Alton Brown’s Mustard Green Gratin. The recipe starts with mustard greens… and at that, hopefully some of you didn’t stop reading already. You may be thinking meh…Or maybe ew gross… And trust me, I was skeptical, too. At first.

Menu Inspiration: Summer cocktail party


Believe it or not, it’s August. If you’re gearing up for the long Labor Day weekend already or planning a casual end-of-summer party, here are some quick and easy entertaining ideas that will help you send the summer season off right. Fresh, Mediterranean-inspired flavors highlight this menu, and for something…

Fresh and Easy Greek Salad


As much as I love to cook as a way to relax, we’ve all been there: coming home from a long day at work or school, just wanting something quick for dinner so the kitchen clean-up can be expedited and the unwinding after that can begin. Fortunately, it doesn’t take…