Foodie Resolutions for 2015

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Make homemade bitters and/or cordialsDone! I made three varieties — lavender, coffee, and lemon — using the general guidelines / recipes from The Kitchn. I also made homemade Irish cream and a few different varieties of shrubs, so I’m chalking this one up to a big success.

Make homemade ravioliFailed! Just didn’t get around to doing anything for this one.

Read at least two food-related non-fiction booksFailed! Between transitioning jobs and the general craziness of the holiday season, this one just didn’t happen. I’m not sure if I’d have the interest to turn this one around in 2016, so I’m going to drop it for now.

Make at least five pantry raid meals and document each recipeFailed! I had all good intentions, and certainly did a lot of cooking and freezing meals in advance, but documenting it all didn’t happen. Maybe this will be one to revisit next year.

Make all 10 drinks on’s list of 10 Bourbon Drinks to Try NowPartially Completed! I got through a few of these early in the year — and blogged about it, too. After that, I made quite a few rye-, whiskey-, and bourbon-based cocktails as the year went on, but didn’t complete the list.

Make homemade mustardBig Success! And, in fact, I made a few different kinds: spicy honey mustard, cranberry mustard (my favorite of all of them that I made), and Oktoberfest beer mustard.