Grilled Orange Chicken

Last year was a big year of canning for me. I made countless batches of jams and jellies, fermented pickles, fresh-pack tomatoes in their own juices, a few batches of applesauce, and other things that are happily at-home in my basement pantry.

What I guess I just revealed to you is this: If the zombie apocalypse comes and in the event that anything happens to me (i.e., let’s hope Darryl rescues me from a zombie hoard and we ride off into the sunset together on his motorcycle), my house is a good location to raid for food.

Anyway... I give away a lot of my canned goods as gifts to friends and family, but one of my favorites that I selfishly held on to was a batch of bourbon and black pepper orange marmalade.

I recently had a craving to do something that involved more than just spreading the marmalade on toasted English muffins with butter — which is amazing, by the way. I was also craving Chinese food at the time and thought a savory application, orange chicken with some steamed vegetables, would be the thing to try.

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