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Strawberries & Cream Overnight Oats


Growing up, there was a time where breakfast almost every morning consisted of instant oatmeal and cinnamon-sugar toast, usually prepared with love and care by my dear dad. I didn’t hate it, but I think the 7 year-old-me would have just wanted cinnamon toast or, even better, a sugary toaster…

Taste Testing: My Verdict on Chia Pudding


Has anyone tried chia pudding? It is no more than chia seeds soaked in milk or nut milk overnight with additional flavoring (vanilla, maple syrup...) and toppings (yogurt, granola, nuts...), if desired. After hearing about all of the health benefits and how easy it is to make for a quick breakfast or a healthy snack, it was, of course, high up there on my list of things to try. After a first attempt making it, I'm not a fan.

Banana-Pecan Oatmeal


The combination of bananas, pecans, and spices has always been one of my favorites. When I got back on an oatmeal kick recently, especially with overnight oats, this was one of the first flavor combinations I tried. It’s probably my favorite that I make at least once or twice a…

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